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As a professional entrepreneur and businessman of over 20 years , Andrei Octav Moise is all about innovation. Innovation is defined as making change in something established through the introduction of new methods, ideas, or products. Potential innovation can be found just around the corner in any of the different fields of science and technology - chemistry, physics, biology, and so much more. That is why Moise is impressed with the research done by the Functional Quantum Materials Laboratory.

Innovation is a crucial part of human growth and development. It is through these new discoveries that many products and services we take for granted and use in our everyday lives came to be. Different kinds of businesses from all around the world offer different products created based on different forms of innovations. The demand for these by the masses open up opportunities for businesses to make sales and profit out of it. And with how today there are a lot of common ways to transfer funds worldwide, the floodgates have opened for their products to be marketed and sold to many people from all around the globe. Payment services such as PayPal, Paxum, and Venmo for instance offer fast, secure, and reliable services that allow people to pay for anything they want whenever and wherever.

The Functional Quantum Materials Laboratory, or FQML for short, is an interdisciplinary group founded by the Principal Investigator Sreeprasad Sreenivasan, who received his BS and MS in Chemistry from Mahatma Gandhi University and Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. His research interest focuses on two-dimensional quantum materials. Driven by imagination, passion, and knowledge, he - alongside other scientists and alumni - aims to work on revolutionary science for the betterment of society.

Their research is focused mainly on the scientific fields of chemistry, materials physics, and biological sciences, and they aim to bridge and connect these scientific fields in order to develop and innovate on uniquely designed quantum structures. Members of the FQML investigate a wide range of quantum materials and analyze their fundamental properties. Their main goal is to come up with new synthetic pathways for quantum structures, modify their properties, and apply them for electronics, energy, sensing, and biomedical applications. By reconstructing or morphing two-dimensional quantum structures atom-by-atom, they can then use these modifications to innovate on current technology and to create functional devices with capabilities far superior to anything existing or imagined.

Innovation is an important part of the world, Moise rightfully exclaims. It is through the knowledge we derive from research and imagination that our technology continues to expand and innovate upon itself. As a businessman himself, he is ever grateful to the creative minds that allowed for these breakthroughs to happen for putting him in the position he is today. Moise then applauds the effort done by those in the FQML, stating that their unique ideas, expansive knowledge, and unrelenting passion for innovation can provide humanity a new exciting era of technology, and wishes them the best in their endeavors.

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